The lifetime award will be presented to an outstanding member of the academic, political, social or industrial communities, who has contributed to a significant impact and continuous progress to improve education at any level in practical terms.


The award will highlight the lifetime contribution to science, academia and the Society, at large. The main focus of the awarded candidate must be on ICT & Education, Online Learning, Open Education and-or Technology-enhanced Learning. The awarded candidate can be from any country of the World. The selection process strictly watch equity and equality. The award is given annually.


  • Award: The prize is provided with 2.000 Euros and a diploma

The application will be submitted by, at least, two members of the educational, industrial, social and-or scientific community, related to the afore-mentioned topics.

The applicants will provide a brief cover letter that explains the reasons for the application and the outstanding contribution of the nominee, and a detailed CV of the nominee, along with some contact information.

The submission phase will close the 28th of september, 2018. The selection will take place along October and it will be anounced on a public event before the end of 2018.